History - Year 2004

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  • Symbian: 1.2 version of 'BlueEyes' will be released in a few days. What will be new ? :
      Long animated gif support.
      Nicer resize algorithm.
      zip and cbz file format support for image viewing.
      SmartNavigation view mode added. This mode allows to easily view and navigates through the differents images of a comic book.
      Export to file option added. A resised and rotated image can be exported to a new file.
      Quicker : Load of the thumbnails / Next and Previous Image display / Random and Sort algorithm / scroll of a resized image
      BlueEyes can be opened with any file given as parameter (file will be opend internally or externally)
      Other things (looping lists, exe and app external launch, icons for dir and zips, Various bugfixes and improvements).


  • Symbian: I'm preparing a 1.2 version of 'BlueEyes'.
    Once i'll be finished with BlueEyes, my new program will probably be a program controlling the CAR-100 bluetooth car from SonyEriccson.


  •  Symbian: New Version 1.1 of 'BlueEyes' is available. Adding features and correcting bugs.


  •  Symbian: A new program 'BlueEyes' is available. It is a configurable and complete Image and Animations viewer integrated in a powerful file explorer.


  • Symbian: My new program BlueEyes is ready and will be published soon during this day or tomorrow.


  • Symbian: My programs should now be listed as freewares on the different download sites.
  •  Symbian: Now, the only way to make donations is making Gift Certificates on Amazon.


  • Symbian: I'm still working on my Picture/Animation viewer.
    That's really more work than i thought ...
    I expect the first release in about 3 weeks.


  • Symbian: Gnese YahooGroup created.


  • Symbian: I'm currently working on a fullscreen still and animated images viewer.
    (including a file browser, a control animation part, a slideshow, a random view, file shell association)


  •  Symbian: Specific version of Morse-It (1.0.1) for A92x devices.
  •  Symbian: New version of Simon (1.3) (installable on A92x devices).


  •  Symbian: New version of Random Viewer (1.1).
  •  Symbian: New version of Simon (1.2).


  •  Symbian: New application : Morse-It.


  •  Symbian: New version of Contact Linker (1.4).