Loituma Girl DS


OK, this is not really a game, nor an application and it is completely useless
However it is quite fun and addictive ;)
Loituma Girl DS is small toy for your Nintendo DS.
This gadget is an adaptation of 2 original flash animation (which can be found here and here).
You can get more information regarding this popular animation on Wikipedia and at loituma.hu.
All the credits goes to the original flash animations, musics and cartoons.

Photo d'écran



User Guide

The few controls are:
  • Stylus : plays the animation of the selected character.
  • Key Up : increase the animation speed.
  • Key Down : decrease the animation speed.
  • Keys Start/Select : displays and hide the credits.
  • Keys A/B/X/Y : toggles bottom sprites animation.

Download and Install

Download the file compatible with your hardware card and follow the usual installation process.


  • 1.1 (23/04/2007):
    • BugFix: Sound was not audible with some cards.
  • 1.0 (18/12/2006):
    • Release of the application.