Random Viewer

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What is it ?

Random Viewer is a utility that allows to view randomly files in any directories. It uses the basic symbian file association mechanism to recognise the application to launch in association with the file. You can add as many items as you want. Those items are displayed as a graphical list.
Each item can contain multiple directories, can be recursive or not and you can specify a wildcard. In all the files defined by this item, one will be randomly launched if the item is selected.
For instance, if you want to watch one of the multiple videos stored in your phone, but cannot really choose between all of them. Let your phone choose for yourself !
Create also items for your pictures, ringtones, mp3 files, mobiclips, ...
The interface of Random Viewer is intuitive and easy to use (you can use both your stylus or the wheel to control everything). It is also configurable : change the background, the colours or even the layout


From 1.0 version :
The main screen The main menu
The configuration The help of the configuration The contextual popup menu
Editing an item The help of the add item functionnality example of different layout another example of different layout
The 1.1 version on the P900 with a specific theme:
The 1.1 version

What are the different options ?

to see the complete description of all the different option, please download the following .rtf document :
This document is equals to the help included in the program.

What do those listed items consist of

Those items are composed of four fields :
  • "Name" : Name that will be displayed in the list
  • "Directory" : List of directories to search. Paths in this list must be separated by a semicolon character, but a semicolon is not required after the final path. Directories must be fully qualified, including a drive letter and the name must end with a backslash (i.e. : "D:\Media files\audio\;C:\documents\Media files\audio\")
  • "Files" : Filename to search for. May contain wildcards. (i.e. : "b*.jpg")
  • "Recursive" : Check this box to make the search recursive in all the specified directories
To sum up, each item defines a relative list of files in your phone. Random viewer will randomly launch on demand one of those defined files.

About Random Viewer

Random Viewer is released as a DonationWare. You can use this application freely without any limitations. If you like it, please make a donation.
To make a donation, you can create a gift cetificatet on Amazon
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Thanks for your support

Download and Install

To download Random Viewer 1.1,
Download click here
Simply follow the installation process to install it on your phone. You can choose the drive you want (you do not have to put it on C).


For those interested, here is a color version of the default background :


  • 1.1 (05/05/2004) :
    • Adaptation to the phone's theme (the P900 Theme's background can be used, the colors can be the ones used in the other applications).
    • The SIS is compatible with UIQ20ProductID.
    • The application named is changed to " Random Viewer" (it was " RandomViewer" in P900 application List).
    • Bug Fix: Default Background was not found if installed on D drive.
  • 1.0 (13/03/2004) :
    • First release of the Application