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What is it ?

Simon is a clone of the memory game with the same name with additional features. Repeat the computer's sequence pushing the different pies of a given color and sound.

The main points are :
  • Different modes depending of the number of pies (up to 25).
  • 3 different game modes :
    • Common (play always the same suite for ever) ,
    • New (play a new suite each time),
    • Daily (play the same suite during the day).
  • 2 different sub modes :
    • Incremental (the number of steps are increasing and they are always starting the same),
    • Different (the number of steps are increasing but they are different at each new step)
  • A two players mode.
  • The ability to save your score and nickname for each modes.
  • The sound is different for each pie and is corresponding each time to a real note (thus you could play music ...)
  • There are different sounds used in the game (when you play, win, start ...)
  • You can play with your fingers (if there are not too much pies)
  • There are some configurable options
  • There is a Startup and Final animation ;)
  • It is a DonationWare.

Screenshots of the Game

From the 1.1 version :
The Score popup Pushing on the Pies In demo mode
while playing the mode selection The Options menu
The 1.2 version on the P900 with a specific theme:
The 1.2 version

What are the different options ?

To see the complete description of all the different option, please download the following .rtf document :
This document is equals to the help included in the program.

About Simon

Simon is released as a DonationWare. You can use this game freely without any limitations. If you like it, please make a donation.
To make a donation, you can create a gift cetificatet on Amazon
Donate Check this webpage to donate
Another usefull thing you can do is to drop some comments on the different download sites.
Thanks for your support

Download and Install

To download Simon 1.3,
Download click here
Simply follow the installation process to install it on your phone. You can choose the drive you want (you do not have to put it on C).
A very small configuration file will be created on the C drive in "C:\Documents\Simon\", thus if you uninstall the game, this file (containing also the scores) won't be deleted. (you can delete it manually if you really want to, but all your score will be lost)


  • 1.3 (12/05/2004) :
    • The SIS is compatible with A92x devices (I previously made a mistake in the previous installation file)
  • 1.2 (05/05/2004) :
    • Adaptation to the phone's theme (the P900 Theme's background can be used, the colors of the buttons are the ones used in the other applications)
    • A UIQ help is now included
    • The SIS is compatible with UIQ20ProductID
    • The application named is changed to "Simon" (it was "Anothertime" in P900 application List).
  • 1.1 (29/07/2003) :
    • Now, the scores are automatically saved when a new score is performed. The preferences are also saved each time they are changed. Before This save was only done when exiting the program.
  • 1.0 (27/07/2003) :
    • First release of the Game