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Waves is a small toy for your apple iPhone or iPod touch.
It is unfortunately not compatible with the new 2.X firmwares.
You can select a predefined image or your own wallpaper and you can touch the screen to generate some wave effect over the image.
A floating button can also be added in order to generate the effect in the different screens of the device (i.e. the picture app).

Many thanks to :
  • The ones who made programming for the iPhone possible.
  • The ones who opened the sources of some different iphone programs (mainly : Ants, iphonenes, Oblique, fractalicious, iappaday).
  • Infantile Paralysiser for the wave effect source code.
If you want to, you can contribute or just have a look to the source code available here : http://code.google.com/p/iphone-waves/.

Video from v1.2(youtube link)

- videoclip music by Kevin MacLeod -

Screenshots from v1.1

the main screen thanks to the floating button
an image before the wave effect the image during the wave effect


When drawing waves on the image, double tap to go back to the previous screen.

If the floating button is enabled, a small button will be displayed at application exit.
This 'wave' button is located at bottom left but you can move it.
When pressed, you'll have to wait for about 3 seconds before being able to play waves.

Current Known problem in v1.2 : when the floating button is visible, restarting SpringBoard (ie thanks to SummerBoard) may freeze the phone forcing the need of a hard reboot.
It is then suggested to close Waves before manually restarting SpringBoard.

Download and Install

Waves 1.6 is available through the "http://iphonerepo.free.fr" repository.
It is unfortunately not compatible with the new 2.X firmwares.

Alternatively, you can download the following file and unzip it's content in the Applications directory of your iPhone (or iPod touch). If necessary, chmod (change the file permissions) to 0755 the files:
- /Applications/Waves.app/Waves
- /Applications/Waves.app/daemon/WavesDaemon

For more information on how to install applications, search on google.


Here are some different icons that you can use (just replace the icon.png file by one of those)
original icon
original icon
icon provided by iBlade
icon provided by
icon provided by iBlade
icon provided by

same thing for the floating button ...
original icon
original icon
icon provided by Darlyn
icons provided by Darlyn (different orientations are available)


  • 1.6 (26/03/2007):
    • remove floating button for not supported firmwares
    • new loading screen
    • new repository for application hosting: "http://iphonerepo.free.fr" (before it gets published on an official one)
  • 1.5 (11/03/2007):
    • Bugfix for floating button display with 1.1.3 firmwares (fix not tested yet ...)
  • 1.4 (28/02/2007):
    • Compatibility with firmware 1.1.3.
  • 1.3 (19/02/2007):
    • Quicker waves (displaying bigger pixels).
    • Fixes the potential freeze with springboard restart.
    • Adding settings (wave size, height, speed, type).
    • Allow to reset the default settings (and then to reposition the floating button).
    • Use system default double tap instead of the custom one.
    • Possibility to play, in main menu, with the last image used with the floating button.
    • Paypal donation can be done.
    • Small changes and enhancements.
  • 1.2 (15/01/2007):
    • Automatic start of the floating button display at device startup removed: fixes the bug in v1.1.
    • Display of a popup when pressing the floating button.
    • Quicker display of the floating button.
  • 1.1 (08/01/2007):
    • Adition of the floating button allowing to play with the different screens of the device (i.e. the picture app).
    • Adition of the Double-Tap allowing to quit the wave play screen.
    • Screens Transitions.
    • 'About' and 'Help' buttons added.
    • Slug.jpg image removed.
    • Better image borders handling.
    • Slightly improved performances.
  • 1.0 (23/12/2007):
    • Release of the application.